Big Exit

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English Language, Literature, and Creative Writing

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K. Jirgens


Philosophy, religion and theology, Language, literature and linguistics, Biological sciences, Beaulieu, Braydon, Fiction, Kleptoparasitism, Literature

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Big Exit is a novella which chronicles the dialogic interactions of a series of narrator-protagonists from Vancouver, each using first-person points of view. This multi-voiced narrative showcases the often dysfunctional lifestyles of a small group of youths from the lower socio-economic group. The narrative structure rotates irregularly through the characters' perspectives and features spatiotemporal jumps to reflect the psychic dissarray of the community and the deeper psychological fragmentation of Luke, a character diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. The juxtapositions of these differing narrative perspectives generate ironies that are not evident to the narrator-protagonists, but are apparent to readers as they move through the text. This novella is followed by a critical essay which provides details on the structural form and style of Big Exit .