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Master Thesis

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Cheri L. McGowan


Biological sciences, Health and environmental sciences, Blood pressure, Cardiovascular stress reactivity, Hypertension, Isometric exercise, Isometric handgrip, Psychophysiological stressors



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The objective of this thesis was to replicate findings that isometric handgrip (IHG) training lowers resting blood pressure (BP), determine whether cardiovascular reactivity to a serial subtraction task (SST), IHG task (IHGT), and cold-pressor task (CPT) predict the post-IHG training hypotensive response in hypertensives, and investigate whether cardiovascular reactivity is attenuated following training. Resting BP and cardiovascular reactivity to a SST, IHGT, and CPT were determined prior-to and following 10-weeks of IHG training (n=12) or non-exercising control (n=12). Post-IHG training reductions in BP were observed ( P <0.05), whereby reductions in systolic BP were related to pre-training cardiovascular reactivity to the SST (P <0.05) and IHGT (P <0.05), but not the CPT (P >0.05). Systolic BP reactivity to the SST and IHGT was significantly reduced in the IHG training group (P <0.05), compared to control. These results highlight promising clinical implications for hypertensives, and provide a tool to identify hypertensives who will respond to IHG training.