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Master Thesis

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First Advisor

Anthony N. Ezeife


Education, Collaborative structure, Coteaching, Early childhood educator, Full-day kindergarten, Partnership




This research study explores the development of a co-teaching relationship in the setting of the Full Day Kindergarten classroom. Ontario is presently implementing Full Day Kindergarten programming across the province following a five year implementation plan, with the goal of full implementation by 2015-16. The Full Day Kindergarten model in Ontario, based on recommendations from Charles Pascal utilizes educator teams, comprised of a kindergarten teacher and early childhood educator, working together throughout the day in the Full Day Kindergarten classroom. Integrating outside personnel into elementary schools to create educator teams can create challenges (Gibson &Pelletier, 2010). The purpose of this study is to describe the development of a co-teaching relationship in the Full Day Kindergarten classroom. How does the Kindergarten Teacher and the Early Childhood Educator perceive a successful co-teaching relationship? What do Kindergarten Teachers and Early Childhood Educators believe facilitate a successful co-teaching relationship? Does the concept of self-efficacy affect the development, implementation and sustainment of a successful co-teaching relationship? This study will provide insight into the development of successful collaborative educator teams in Full Day Kindergarten classrooms.