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Master Thesis

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Mechanical, Automotive, and Materials Engineering

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Jennifer Johrendt

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Vesselin Stoilov


Applied sciences



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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 4.0 License.


In recent years many studies proved that the adoption of polymer composites represents an effective solution to reduce the weight of vehicles. In this context, the goal of this study is the design of a rear suspension cradle made of composite material, with particular attention to aspects such as recyclability and high volume production of the component. Starting from the CAD model of the existing aluminum part, a simplified shape that represented it was designed and FEM analysis was conducted using the software ABAQUS; materials, geometry and fiber orientation were changed in order to obtain a composite model with the same performance as the aluminum model but with lower weight. The performance of the composite and aluminum models were compared. In addition, a manufacturing process and a method of recycling for the optimal composite model solution were provided.