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Master Thesis

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K. Munroe-Chandler


Psychology, Health and environmental sciences, Exercise stereotypes, Impression formation, Muscle strengthening terminology



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The present study examined the impact of muscle strengthening terminology on impressions formed of female exercisers, in addition to the influence of participant impression motivation and BSRI category on ratings of personality and physical attributes. Male and female participants ( N = 265, M age = 21.23) were presented with one of four vignettes describing a female target (weight trainer, resistance trainer, strength trainer, control). Participants then rated the target on personality and physical characteristics. Results indicated no significant differences among ratings of target types ( p > .05). Moreover, the participants' impression motivation did not influence target ratings ( p > .05). A significant main effect emerged for BSRI category ( p < .05). Participants classified as masculine-typed rated all targets as less kind compared to participants classified as feminine-typed or androgynous. It is possible the vignettes did not provide enough information about muscle strengthening to elicit stereotypes. Avenues for future directions are discussed.