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Master Thesis

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Kenji Kenno


Biological sciences, Health and environmental sciences, Battling rope, High-intensity interval training, VO2 max



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To investigate the aerobic/muscular endurance responses to a 4 week battling rope (BR) high intensity interval training (HIIT) protocol. 15 men/15 women (22±2yr) trained 3x/week, for 4 weeks. A 30 second maximal work interval (performing the exercise), alternating between the double-whip and alternating-whip exercises, separated by 60 seconds recovery for 10 work/rest rounds was used. Women used 40 foot, 1.5 inch, 20lb ropes and men used 50 foot, 1.5 inch, 25lb ropes. Following HIIT females increased VO2max (7.8%), average peak VO2 during HIIT(8.4%), pushups (36.4%), and situps (10.1%) and with no change in cadence or RPE. Males saw no change in VO2max and situps but increased pushups (11.1%), rope cadence (14%), and reduced RPE's (13.5%). Females and males were exercising at 80% of HRmax, had greater VO2's for double versus the alternating-whip exercises, and with peak blood lactate levels of 9.36 and 11.06mmol/L respectively. BR HIIT shows potential to improve aerobic/anaerobic parameters over 4 weeks and should include a progressive overload component.