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Master Thesis

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Shijing Xu


Social sciences, Education, Cultural values, Immigrant families, Narrative inquiry, Parents' role, Vietnamese, Ontario



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This study, with narrative inquiry approach, has investigated the parents' perception of their roles, their perspectives and experience as well as their strategies in maintaining cultural values in immigrant families in Windsor. Eight parents from four immigrant families from the Vietnamese church community in Windsor participated in semi-structured in-depth interviews. Fieldnotes were also used as a supplementary method for collecting field text. The findings highlight the educational roles of parents in maintaining cultural values as a part of the home education. The parents' narratives has shown the parents' great effort to keep the language, habits and traditions such as "respect the elders," "love the younger" or "being a good person" in their families. They also reveal the cultural conflicts and the tensions in immigrant families in terms of childcare and child discipline. There are also other challenges coming from the outside factors that go beyond the parents' control. Keyword: parents' role, cultural values, immigrant families, Vietnamese, narrative inquiry, maintaining culture.