Date of Award


Publication Type

Master Thesis

Degree Name



Computer Science

First Advisor

Robert D. Kent


Applied sciences, Authorization views, Materialized views, Role conflicts, Session roles




This thesis research presents a framework that enhances security at the level of materialized views. Materialized views can be used for performance reasons in very large systems such as data warehouses or distributed systems, or for providing a filtered selection of data from a more general database. Existing proposed techniques provide rule-based access control for materialized views, however, the administration of such systems is time consuming and cumbersome in a large environment. This thesis presents a role-based access control schema for materialized views in which data authorization rules are associated with roles and defined in Datalog syntax in plain text files, a column level restriction is imposed on a materialized view based on a user assigned role, and a role conflict strategy is defined in which priority is given to each conflicting role in order to resolve role conflicts if a user is gaining authorization for permissions associated with conflicting roles at the same time. KEYWORDS Materialized Views, Authorization Views, Session Roles, Role Conflicts