Date of Award


Publication Type

Master Thesis

Degree Name



Civil and Environmental Engineering

First Advisor

Abdul Fattah Asfour




The viscosities and densities of the quinary regular system: cyclohexane + p-xylene + chlorobenzene + 1-propanol + 1-octanol and its quaternary, ternary and binary subsystems were measured and reported at 293.15 K and 298.15 K. The experimental data obtained during the course of the present study were employed to test the predictive capabilities of six selected viscosity models available in the literature; viz., the generalized McAllister model, the pseudo-binary McAllister model, the group contribution GC-UNIMOD model, the generalized corresponding state principle model (GCSP), the Allan and Teja correlation, and the Grunberg and Nissan law of viscosity. The results of testing indicated that the pseudo-binary McAllister model predicted the experimental data better than the other models. Such a result is not in agreement with previous studies due to the relatively high size ratio of molecules of the components constituting some systems as well as differing shapes of such molecules in the present study.