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Master Thesis

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Maev, Roman Gr


Pure sciences, Applied sciences, Cortical bone, Phantoms, Skull bone, Trabecular bone, Ultrasound



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In the various stages of developing diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, the use of phantoms can play a very important role in improving the process, and help with implementation, testing and calibrations. However, devices that use different physical factors, such as MRI, Ultrasound, CT Scan, etc. require the phantom to be made with different physical properties. This thesis deals with ultrasound and it introduces a novel composite material and a new forming process to fabricate a wide range of phantoms that highly match the acoustical properties of human bones. In contrast to ex vivo tissues, the proposed material can maintain its custom designed physical and acoustical properties unchanged for long periods of time. As results, the author introduces examples of already manufactured ultrasound phantoms (i.e. human head phantom) and a novel method of simultaneous measurements of skull thickness and its sound velocity using a set of skull bone phantoms.