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Doctoral Thesis

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Miller, Carlin J.


Psychology, Delay discounting, Emotion dysregulation, Impulsivity, Personality, Rewardseeking, Structural equation modeling



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The present studies examined the role that impulsivity plays in personality development and emotion dysregulation both concurrently and longitudinally. The three studies utilized two extant (secondary) datasets as well as new data collection with a Canadian undergraduate sample. First, data from the Block and Block dataset were used to assess the relations between impulsivity and personality development across the life span. Next, the lifelong relation between impulsivity and emotion dysregulation was examined using the Simmons Longitudinal Study dataset. Finally, 175 undergraduate students were administered multiple measures associated with impulsivity. The aim was to use measures across theoretical orientations to explore the multifactorial nature of impulsivity. Results revealed the existence of two distinct, yet related factors of impulsivity. Cognitive and Behavioural facets of impulsivity were differentially related to psychopathology and engagement in risky behaviour. The integrated results of these three studies identified a link between childhood impulsivity and subsequent personality development and emotion dysregulation. Clinical and research implications are discussed.