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Master Thesis

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Greig, Christopher J.


Social sciences, Education, Aboriginal education, Children's literature, Critical visualliteracy, Indigenous knowledges, Race and racism, Visual texts



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The purpose of this study is to explore how Aboriginal peoples and knowledges have been and continue to be portrayed through visual texts in children's picture books. This study examines children's books that were published from 1960 through to 2010. This exploration is important as students and educators interact with these texts in their daily lives both inside and outside of school. Drawing from a critical literacy framework, a critical text analysis is used to gain insight into representations of Aboriginal and First Nations people in children's books. While critical literacy practice is a key component in education today, there appears to be a lack of critical inquiry and discussion concerning visual texts found in children's texts. A critical inquiry into representations of Aboriginal peoples in children's books is essential, especially in a time when a significant number of Aboriginal students still struggle with academic achievement and finding cultural relevance in the education system. Ultimately, the study may help address these issues by beginning the process whereby students will be able to develop critical visual literacy dispositions in order to address issues of equity.