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Master Thesis

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Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Kar, Narayab C.


Applied sciences, Efficiency, Induction, Loss, Minimzation, Motor



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Induction motors have found application in household goods as well as in industries. These machines are rugged and very easy to maintain, making them a favorite with the consumers. With the introduction of vector control induction motor drives have gained a lot of popularity. Induction motors, however, prove to be inefficient at low speeds when compared to other AC machines. Hence there is a need to improve the efficiency of induction machines over their entire speed range. Thus it is desirable to design a loss minimization controller which can improve the efficiency. This thesis therefore documents the following: 1. Modeling of an induction motor with core loss included. 2.Realization of vector control for an induction motor drive with loss element included. 3.Derivation of the loss minimization condition. 4.Procedure to successfully calculate the gains of a PI controller.