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Master Thesis

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Maev, Roman Gr


Pure sciences, Biological sciences, Abaqus, Analysis, Eigenfrequency, Element, Finite, Percussion



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A pneumothorax is a medical condition where one or both lungs are unable to remain expanded due to air in the pleural space. Finite Element Analysis simulations were conducted on a Percussion Device, which is able to diagnose a pneumothorax using an automated percussion technique. The simulations helped determine the natural modes of vibration of the Percussion Device. These modes were then compared to the motion experimentally measured by an accelerometer on the Percussion Device. It was observed that the modes of the percussion head occurred in the range of 0 to 100 Hz, while the sensor membrane modes occurred in the range of 600 to 900 Hz. Most of these modes were found to match with peaks in the experimental spectra. The simulations performed are reliable and provide an understanding of the contribution of the normal modes to the complex signals measured using the Percussion Device.