Date of Award


Publication Type

Master Thesis

Degree Name



Earth and Environmental Sciences

First Advisor

Yang, Jianwen


Earth sciences, Dc resistivity - abem terrameter sas 4000, Em conductivity - dualem 2s/4s, Groundwater modeling - feflow, Leachate




The study looked at the application of geophysical and groundwater modeling methods to investigate the underground leachate distribution at a closed municipal landfill. Firstly, the apparent conductivity of the landfill was mapped using two coil separations. The resulting maps displayed a high conductive zone in the western portion of the site with measurements averaging between 35mS/m to 3000mS/m. The resistivity of the same high conductive zone was measured with resistivity profiles showing the waste material occupying the upper sand aquifer as a low resistivity anomaly ranging between 1.2 - 6 ohm*m. Results from the geophysical surveys were used to prepare two conceptual models (S-N and W-E) of the landfill. The groundwater modeling results show the contaminants occupying mainly the upper sand aquifer and most of the silt/sand aquitard after 1000 years. In most cases the lower sand aquifer remained free from contamination.