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Winter 2014

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Master Thesis

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Hibbard, Stephen


Psychology, Anger, Cognitive distortions, Deviance, Impulsivity, Paraphilias, Psychopathy



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Despite suggestions that deviant sexual fantasies play a role in aberrant sexual activity (e.g. Prentky et al., 1989), the nuanced nature of the fantasy-behaviour relationship is poorly understood and inconsistent (Williams, Cooper, Howell, Yuille, & Paulhus, 2008). The current study sought to clarify the fantasy-behaviour relationship by investigating the extent to which fantasies interact with high levels of impulsivity, psychopathy-narcissism, anger, and offense-supportive cognitions in explaining deviant sexual behaviour. Two hundred and fifty male and 152 female undergraduates filled out a battery of explicit and implicit measures. Results of the moderation analysis revealed some support for the main hypotheses. The study contributes to the knowledge base on deviant sexuality by proposing and testing a causal model, which could in turn be extrapolated to sexual offending. Clinical implications include gains in avenues for prevention and treatment.