Date of Award


Publication Type

Master Thesis

Degree Name



Computer Science

First Advisor

Kent, Robert


Applied sciences, Ant colony optimization, Optimization, Relay node placement, Travelingsalesman problem, Traveling salesman problem with neighborhood, Wireless sensor networks




Given the locations of the Sensor Nodes in a Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN), finding the minimum number of Relays required and their locations such that each sensor is covered by at least one relay is called the Relay Node Placement (RNP) problem. Given the locations of the relays, finding an optimized trajectory for the Mobile Data Collector (MDC) is another important design problem of the WSN domain. Previous researchers have shown that jointly solving different design problems in the WSN domain often leads to better overall results. In recent years, Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) have emerged as an effective tool for solving complex optimization problems. An ACO based approach for solving the joint problem of Relay Node Placement & Trajectory calculation(RNPT) is presented in this thesis. We also present a deterministic, and a Continuous Ant Colony Optimization ([Special characters omitted.] ACOR ) approach for refining the trajectory produced by the ACO approach.