Date of Award


Publication Type

Master Thesis

Degree Name



English Language, Literature, and Creative Writing

First Advisor

Jirgens, Karl


Language, literature and linguistics, Philosophy, religion and theology, Deconstruction, God, Metaphysics, Poetry, Science, Spirituality




In the Wilderness is a poetry manuscript depicting the synthesis of science and spirituality. Though scientific and spiritual viewpoints are conventionally posed in a dialectic, this manuscript is a deconstruction in three sections that reveals physics and metaphysics to be complementary or even synonymous. Interconnectedness is envisioned through poetry. The first section poses competing metaphysical perspectives, the second section accentuates science, and the third section portrays a harmonious whole. The variety of poetic forms in this manuscript respond to discoveries in science, and either figuratively or symbolically emulate phenomena identified by scientists and physicists as they intersect with spiritual perspectives, with reference to matters such as the big bang, particle wave theory, quantum mechanics, the Fibonacci sequence, entropy, and energy, among others. The fluency of shifting discourses depicts growing human awareness of our place in the universe as revealed through both physics and metaphysics.