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Master Thesis

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Loeb, Stephen J.


Pure sciences



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The coordination bond is very useful for supramolecular chemists because of its directionality and reversibility which lead to stable compounds. This thesis describes the synthesis and characterization of new right-angled benzimidazole-based pyridyl ligands and the resulting assemblies that are formed when these ligands were combined with a cis -protected platinum(II) complex. Chapter one gives a brief introduction about how coordination chemistry interfaces with supramolecular chemistry by utilizing coordination bonding in self-assemblies. Chapter two describes the preparation and characterization of new T-shaped bipyridine ligands with a benzimidazole core and the surprising folded tetramers resulted from the combination of these ligands with a well-known platinum(II) metal corner. Synthesis and characterization of another T-shaped tridentate pyridyl ligand built on the same benzimidazole framework is summarized in Chapter three. Reaction of this ligand with platinum(II) cis-protected complex resulted in a novel octahedral M 6 L 4 cage. Chapter four provides conclusions and suggestions for future work.