Date of Award


Publication Type

Master Thesis

Degree Name



Civil and Environmental Engineering

First Advisor

Bolisetti, Tirupati


Applied sciences, Bridge piers, Channel velocity, Equilibrium scour depth, Local scour, Sediment materials, Suction




An experimental study was conducted in the Hydraulics Laboratory of the University of Windsor, involving analysis of local scour around circular model bridge piers placed on a non-cohesive sand bed, with suction and no suction conditions. Experiments were conducted using three model circular piers. The results show that a narrower pier will induce a large value of depth averaged channel mean velocity in comparison to a wider pier in the same flow field. Furthermore, suction generally creates larger equilibrium scour depth, and increases near bed velocity, and decreases friction velocities with increasing suction. The present results indicate that, generally, scour rate with suction at the beginning of the test is higher than the scour rate with no suction condition. It was also observed in the present study that the percentage increase of equilibrium scour depth was almost 23% for 5% suction and 42% for 10% suction in comparison to no suction conditions.