Date of Award


Publication Type

Master Thesis

Degree Name



Computer Science

First Advisor

Yuan, Xiaobu


Communication and the arts, Applied sciences, Contextual control model, Interactive, Interactive customization, Requirement elicitation, Software visualization, User segregation




The Software Product Line (SPL) provides software customization by composing several different web services together. When further supported by Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), SPL offers unprecedented advantages for reusing software artifacts in mass customization of software applications, leading to radically reduced time, cost, and effort of software development. A Petri-Net based visualization system for the software customization has been developed in our research group. This thesis works on enhancement of the prior work by introducing an interactive approach of software visualization for software customization. The proposed approach segregates the users based on their interaction with the system and the best suited visualizations are selected and displayed for the users. In this thesis an interactive framework based on Contextual Control Model has been proposed. A usability study has been conducted to validate the improvements in the usability of the proposed system compared to the existing system.