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Master Thesis

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Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminology

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Albanese, John


Archaeology, First Nations, Ontario, Repatriation



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This case-study considers the case-by-case approach to return in Canada. I worked to document the history of the Rickley collection from the University of Windsor, from excavation to reburial, in the hopes that it may inform the construction of a local protocol for the community of Walpole Island First Nation. The Rickley collection was excavated in southwestern Ontario in the mid-1970s and has recently been returned from the University of Windsor. Using an engaged approach to research I interviewed five individuals who were deeply involved in these discussions. Themes that arose from these discussions detailed significant features of the repatriation process that any official protocol must account for. In seeking to further local knowledge of repatriation procedure today, I also examined repatriation statements and consider colonial relationships of power that continue to structure these relationships. This study indicates that meaningful re-evaluation of policies may be needed.