Date of Award


Publication Type

Master Thesis

Degree Name



Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

First Advisor

Alfa, Attahiru S.,


Engineering, Industrial.




Where queueing systems with unreliable servers are concerned, most research that has been done focuses on one-server systems or systems with a Poisson arrival process and exponential service time. However, in some situations we need to consider non-exponential service time or service rate changes with the number of available servers. These are the queueing systems that are discussed in this thesis, none of which has ever been discussed in the literature. Since the phase type distribution is more general than the exponential distribution and captures most features of a general distribution, the phase type distributed service time is considered in unreliable queueing systems such as M/PH/n and M/PH/n/c. For the M/PH/n queueing system with unreliable servers, the mathematical model, stability condition analysis, stationary distribution calculation, computer programs and examples are all presented. For the M/PH/n/c queueing system with server failures, a finite birth-and-death mathematical model is built and the stationary distribution and performance evaluation measurements are calculated. Computer programs are developed and an example is given to demonstrate the application of this queueing system. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)Dept. of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering. Paper copy at Leddy Library: Theses & Major Papers - Basement, West Bldg. / Call Number: Thesis2003 .Y375. Source: Masters Abstracts International, Volume: 43-01, page: 0295. Adviser: Attahiru S. Alfa. Thesis (M.A.Sc.)--University of Windsor (Canada), 2004.