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Master Thesis

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Elena Maeva


scanning acoustic microscopy



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In the last few years, ultra-thin films have been widely adopted in medical and industrial applications; especially the dielectric implants coated with porous ultra thin films used in medical field. In the present investigation, a combination of two techniques was used: a classic one for the deposition of ultra thin films (i.e., electroless deposition) and a complementary non-destructive technique (i.e., scanning acoustic microscopy) for quality evaluation of nickel cobalt ultra thin films grown on a dielectric substrate. The developed method is useful for further improvement of designing and manufacturing of the films.

In order to evaluate interface conditions with maximum sensitivity, high frequency (i.e., 600 MHz and 1 GHz) was employed. A highly focused ultrasonic beam emitted from a high numerical aperture enhanced contrast in the image. Therefore, the image showed minute details (i.e., porosity, micro-cracks, delaminations, detect poor adhesion at the interface), that other conventional microscopes have difficulty visualizing.

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