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Master Thesis

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Daniel, Yvette


Early childhood education, Early years curriculum, Educators' perceptions and practices, Full-Day Early Learning - Kindergarten program, Pedagogy of play, Play-based learning



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The government of Ontario introduced the Full-Day Early Learning - Kindergarten (FDELK) program policy initiative in September 2010 in all elementary schools across the province. This study investigated early childhood educators' and kindergarten teachers' perceptions and practices of play-based learning in Ontario FDELK classrooms with particular concentration given to their interpretations of the policy, documents, and dissemination strategies. A critical analysis was conducted deconstructing play and exposing its complexity, attributed significance, and risen issues. The results of this study indicate a partition among practitioners and a policy/practice divide with compartmentalization of play and learning confounded by severable variables: localizing play, image of the child, educator's role, compound effects, and dissemination strategies. A plan of action is suggested underscoring the importance of rethinking roles and relationships amongst educators, students, and play and learning in order to sustain policy effectiveness.