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Master Thesis

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Computer Science

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Bandyopadhyay, Subir

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Jaekel, Arunita


Impairment-Aware, Optimal Formulation, Scheduled Lightpath Demands, Translucent Network, WDM Optical Networks



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The effect of physical layer impairments in route and wavelength assignment in Wavelength Division Multiplexed optical networks has become an important research area. When the quality of an optical signal degrades to an unacceptable level, a regenerator must be used to recover the quality of the signal. Most research has focused on reducing the number of regenerators when handling static and ad-hoc lightpath demands in such networks. In networks handling scheduled lightpath demands (SLD), each request for communication has a known duration and start time. Handling SLD in impairment aware networks has not been investigated in depth yet. We propose to study the development of an optimal formulation for SLD, using a minimum number of regenerators. We will compare our optimal formulation with another formulation which has been proposed recently.