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Master Thesis

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Paraschak, Victoria

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Woolf, Jules


Disability, Hope, Outdoor Recreation, Sailing, Sport Management, Strengths-based



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I explored how participants were transformed through their interactions with each other and within an adaptive sailing program using a Hope and Strengths Perspective underpinned by the Duality of Structure. Through 12 semi-structured interviews with six sailors, four volunteers and two staff members in the Queen’s Quay Disabled Sailing Program (QQDSP), I examined participants’ experiences and how the QQDSP’s structures facilitated those experiences. Participants described their overall experiences in terms of independence and a sense of community. They developed new strengths and enhanced existing strengths by overcoming challenges and through access to resources and community support. Subsequently, participants used their new and/or enhanced strengths to achieve personal goals and contribute to community-oriented goals. The QQDSP facilitated those experiences through its mission and by providing participants with various opportunities to share their strengths with others. Participants were ultimately shaping and being shaped by each other and the QQDSP.