Date of Award


Publication Type

Master Thesis

Degree Name



Computer Science

First Advisor

Jaekel, Arunita




In the recent years due to rapid increase in the high-bandwidth applications there is a need for developing the energy efficient routing in the WDM optical Networks. Many researchers have addressed this problems in different ways by putting the network components into sleep mode or switching o the network components in low utilization periods. In this thesis our proposed method uses the principle of anycast routing, where it is possible to select any one of the possible destinations from the set of available destination nodes to complete the work. A novel genetic algorithm is used for solving this problem for scheduled lightpath demands (SLD), where the start and end times of the demands are known in advance.The fitness function used in the genetic algorithm not only minimizes the power consumption of the network but also minimizes the overall(transceiver) cost of the network by minimizing the total number of lightpaths needed to implement each logical edge. The proposed method minimizes the number of lightpaths and selects a suitable route for each demand so that the power consumed by the optical grid networks can be reduced, which results in significant energy savings.