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Master Thesis

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Salinitri, Geri


Early Years Team, Full Day Early Learning Kindergarten Program, Full Day Kindergarten, Ontario, Principal Perspective



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The Full Day Early Learning Kindergarten (FDK) Program has expanded the role of the principal and has altered the dynamics of the classroom with the introduction of an early years team (teacher and ECE). I conducted a qualitative study investigating how principals perceive their role and the role of the early years team in FDK. I studied the lived experiences of the principals using semi-structured interviews and analyzed the data through Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis (IPA). The themes, Program Awareness, Role as a Leader and Learning Partner, Informal Assessment and Evaluation, Navigating the Roles of Educators and Building a Team Culture emerged from the data. The themes present a general conception of how principals identify their leadership role while providing evidence of their supportive nature within the classroom. Issues in building team relationships and in delineating the roles of the educators in the FDK program continue to be an area of concern.