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Master Thesis

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Milne, Kevin


Concussion, Dehydration, Fatigue, Sport



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Injury rates increase with added athletic exposures. Mental and physical fatigue is potentially a component of this increase. However, large scale exposure-related injury trends by injury type, sport and sex are scarce. Consequently, the aim of this thesis was to determine whether injury rates are higher later in games and whether these rates vary with respect to sport, injury type and sex. NCAA injury data collected by the Datalys Center for Sports Injury Research and Prevention indicate that relative injury frequency increases in subsequent periods and this increase is uniform across sports. Subsequent period relative injury frequencies were greater in women and concussions and spasms showed the greatest subsequent period and sex (women greater than men) bias. This thesis is the first large scale report to show that injury rate increases with prolonged exposure and warrants further investigation into the relationship between other components of fatigue and specific injuries like concussion.