A Study of the Densities and Viscosities of Multi-Component Regular Liquid Systems at 308.15 and 313.15 K

Sepehr Hamzehlouia, University of Windsor


The densities and kinematic viscosities of the quinary system: cyclohexane, m-xylene, cyclooctane chlorobenzene, decane and all its quaternary, ternary, and binary subsystems have been measured at 308.15 K and 313.15 K. The experimental data obtained were employed to test the predictive capabilities of six models that are widely reported in the literature; viz., the generalized McAllister three-body interaction model, the pseudo - binary McAllister model, the group contribution GC-UNIMOD model, the generalized corresponding states principle (GCSP) model, the Allan and Teja correlation, and the Grunberg and Nissan law of viscosity. The final test results indicated that the generalized McAllister three-body interaction model gave the lowest percent absolute average deviation. Such a result is in complete agreement with earlier studies; e.g., Nhaesi (1998), El-Hadad (2004), Cai (2004), Al-Gherwi (2005), Hussein (2007), El-Sayed (2009), and Amer (2010). Several other research studies reported in the available literature are in agreement with the results reported in the present study.