Date of Award


Publication Type

Master Thesis

Degree Name



Computer Science

First Advisor

Xiaobu Yuan

Second Advisor

Jessica Chen


Petri-Net, Service Oriented Architecture, Software Customization Software Engineering, Software Visualization, Usability Study




Different from the traditional approach of software development from scratch, Software Product Line (SPL) allows software customization. When further supported by Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), SPL offers unprecedented advantages for reusing software artifacts in mass customization of software applications, leading to radically reduced time, cost, and effort of software development. Accordingly, an interactive dialogue-based system for ontology-based requirement elicitation has been developed previously, in our research group, by Zhang. This thesis works on enhancement of the prior work by introducing software visualization to the process of interactive requirement elicitation. A research was conducted for choosing the most suitable visualization method for the existing text-based software. For this purpose, a layered structure for SOA visualization with support of Petri Nets is chosen. Accordingly, this method was implemented and a usability study was done to validate improvements in comprehension of the end-user in visualized version comparing to the previous version of requirement elicitation system.