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Master Thesis

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Zhang, Zuochen


Chinese student, decision-making process, English-speaking countries, international student mobility, student recruitment agencies



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This case study examines in what ways student recruitment agencies influence the decision-making of Chinese students when pursuing higher education in English-speaking countries. Research shows that the decision-making process, involving selection of programs, institutions, and destinations for international students, is influenced by various factors (Chen & Zimitat, 2006; Hazelkorn, 2011; Mazzarol & Soutar, 2002; Pimpa, 2003). However, the extent to which student recruitment agencies influence the decisions of Chinese students has not been sufficiently studied. Research participants were 25 Chinese students who were using one student recruitment agency located in Northwest China. Data were collected through a questionnaire and interviews. The results indicate that the degree of influences of the agency on students’ final decisions depends on the degree of the knowledge students have on the process of studying abroad. This study potentially benefits higher educational institutions, who can adjust academic programs and marketing strategies to attract more international students.