Date of Award


Publication Type

Doctoral Thesis

Degree Name



Electrical and Computer Engineering

First Advisor

Tepe, Kemal


end-to-end, Geographical routing, real-time, Routing protocol, Soft real-time




One of the most important concerns in the operation of Wireless Sensor Network(WSN) is the real-time data delivery. This dissertation addresses the problem of real-time data delivery and void node problem in three dimensional WSN, which has a signicant impact on the network performance. In order to provide an accurate route calculation for reliable data delivery the third coordinate of the location sensor nodes is considered in this dissertation. Additionally, two dierent heuristic solutions for void node problem in three dimensional space have been provided to elevate the eect of long route and spares regions on assurance of real-time data delivery. In order to provide a wide applicable soft real-time routing protocol two decentralized geographical routings are proposed: Three Dimensional Real-Time Geographical Routing Protocol (3DRTGP) and Energy-Aware Real-Time Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks (EART). 3DRTGP and EART are designed to t with WSNs that are deployed in 3D space. Both protocols benet from utilizing the third coordinate of nodes' locations to achieve less packet end to end (E2E) delay and packet miss ratio.In 3DRTGP, void node problem in 3D space was solved based on adaptive packet forwarding (PFR) region. 3D-VNP solution solely was done locally and without any messaging overhead. In EART, 3D-VNP was solved based on an adaptive spherical forwarding wedge (SFW).