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Master Thesis

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Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Muhammad, Aiman



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The objective is experimentally investigate the ability of other simple and fast to apply shear connectors like puddle-welds and Hilti-screw to develop composite action between the slab and girders. Two full-scale tests each consisted of 2400 mm wide, 6700 mm long and 65 mm thick concrete deck cast on top of corrugated steel sheets. The deck slab is supported over two OWSJ each of 250 mm depth and spaced transversally at 1200 mm with 600 mm overhang on each side. The composite floor system is simply supported in the longitudinal direction over 6400 mm span and was loaded monotonically till failure under two line loads. Test results are presented in terms of load-strain and load-deflection relationships at different locations over the concrete deck and across the depth. Test results showed that significant composite action is developed at service load and can be considered in design when puddle weld is used.