Date of Award


Publication Type

Master Thesis

Degree Name



Mechanical, Automotive, and Materials Engineering


Tam, Edwin


BEV, Bi-Fuel, LCA, Life Cycle Assessment, Methodology, Passenger car




This thesis examines various guidelines for conducting LCA studies on passenger vehicles, and ultimately develops a new LCA guideline. The new guideline balances workload and capturing the major factors of the vehicle’s life cycle. For the analysis, three guidelines were applied to multiple FCA vehicles, representing conventional and alternative fuel drivetrains. The results of each guideline were assessed for their sources of variation, and the weight of each variable on the vehicle lifecycle. From the results, the vehicle’s material breakdown, basic driving emissions, use of climate control systems, and maintenance of parts, were found to have the highest environmental impact. The new guideline was developed and applied to the same case studies, maintaining close agreement with the previous results. The results were also compared to LCA studies from other manufacturers. Impact categories that depend on the use phase showed little variation, but production dominated categories showed large discrepancies between manufacturers.