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Master Thesis

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McConkey, William


Cesium, Collisions, Electrons, Magneto-Optical Trap



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Measurements of the multiple ionization cross section ratios of Cesium were performed with ion time-of-flight (TOF) spectroscopy with a magneto-optical trap (MOT) apparatus, updating the previous measurement which dates back almost a century. Results are presented for collisions at energies of 50 eV to 120 eV. With a MOT, experiments can be performed with trapped, cold atomic targets which allow for unparalleled accuracy and experiments with signicant excited state target fractions above those achievable in most atomic beam experiments. A basic overview of optical cooling trapping, electron collision and atomic phenomena are presented. Experimental studies of electrons with Argon and Cesium targets were performed, measuring the multiple ionization ratios with ion TOF spectroscopy. The experimental apparatus and analysis methods are described in detail. Results are compared with previous measurements of multiple ionization ratios for both targets. Agreement within experimental error is found with the results of Tate and Smith across the energy range.