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Master Thesis

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Political Science

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James Winter

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Vicky Paraschak


armenian genocide, genocide, propaganda model, representation of genocide, the Globe and Mail, worthy unworthy victims



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The Armenian genocide of 1915-1918 was the first of the 20th century, and yet many countries--including the perpetrator, Turkey--fail to acknowledge this systematic and intentional massacre of the Armenian people as genocide. My research aims to understand how the Canadian mainstream news media represented the victims during the 1915-1918 Armenian genocide, and to explore Canada's recognition of that genocide between 2004 and 2006. Specifically, I look at how the events of the Armenian genocide are represented by the same agenda-setting media outlet (the Globe and Mail) in completely different ways at distinct points in time. In this case, the events of the genocide do not change, but changing political and economic relationships adversely affect the amount and quality of coverage.