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Master Thesis

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Julie Hakim-Larson


Construct validity, Emotion coaching, Emotion-related parenting styles, Emotion-Related Parenting Styles Self-Test, Meta-emotion philosophy, Parental meta-emotion



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Parents' meta-emotion philosophy (Gottman, Katz, & Hooven, 1996) includes their thoughts and feelings about emotions. The Meta-Emotion Interview (Katz & Gottman, 1986), used to evaluate meta-emotion philosophy, has been found to be related to emotion socialization practices. Based on the interview, long and short form Likert-type measures have been developed (see Gottman & DeClaire, 1997; Hakim-Larson, Parker, Lee, Goodwin, & Voelker, 2006; Paterson, Babb, Camodeca, Goodwin, Hakim-Larson, Voelker, & Gragg, 2012). The purpose of the present study was to evaluate the construct validity of the questionnaires in conjunction with the original interview. Archival data included 33 mothers with at least one child between ages 3 to 5. When mothers' scores on the questionnaires correlated with dimensions scores on the interview, the coefficients were in the expected directions, suggesting further evidence for the construct validity of the long and short forms. Additional findings and study implications are discussed.