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Sarah Woodruff


Kinect-Ed, nutrition behaviour, reliability, survey development, validity

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To assess the future success of the Kinect-Ed nutrition and cooking intervention, the purpose of the current study was to develop the Kinect-Ed pre-test, post-test, and parental surveys, establish content and face validity, as well as test-retest reliability and internal consistency. Content validity was examined using an expert panel (n=7) and face validity using cognitive interviews (n=8). Test-retest reliability of the Kinect-Ed pre-test (n=129) and post-test (n=107) was completed with young adolescents (9-14 years), while the parent survey was followed up a telephone interview (n=20 parents). Test-retest correlations ranged from .499-1.000 with the majority of t-tests revealing non-significant differences while the chi square analyses revealed significant associations (Phi= .377-1.000). Results indicate that the Kinect-Ed surveys have content and face validity and are reliable and, therefore, can be used in the upcoming years to examine the effectiveness of the program for improving family meals, food preparation, and overall diet quality in young adolescents.