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Master Thesis

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Jamie Crawley


health behaviours, health status, homelessness, nursing, social determinants of health, social environment



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Homelessness and poverty are extreme forms of social exclusion which extend beyond the lack of physical or material needs. Using Brunner and Marmot's social determinants of health model (1999, 2004), this secondary analysis explored the everyday living conditions of a hidden homeless population. The purpose of this study was to explore and expand the understanding of the physical, psychological and social health impacts associated with material and social deprivation. The study aimed to expand the concept of social exclusion within the social determinants of health perspective. Health professionals who understand health behaviours as coping mechanisms for poor quality social environments can provide more comprehensive and holistic care. The findings of this study should be used to show that the need for a national housing policy is a key factor in the health and well being of people who experience poverty, homelessness and social exclusion.