Date of Award


Publication Type

Master Thesis

Degree Name



Civil and Environmental Engineering

First Advisor

Das, Sreekanta


basalt, concrete, durability, fibre, minibar, shrinkage




Basalt fibre has gained popularity in concrete reinforcing applications due to its excellent mechanical properties and an environmentally friendly manufacturing process. Research work presented in this thesis was undertaken to better understand potential applications of three different types of basalt fibre construction: filament and bundle dispersion fibres, and basalt fibre reinforced polymer bars (minibars). Mechanical performance was evaluated by measuring the effect of the fibres on the pre- and post-cracking behaviour of concrete, and by investigating how the fibre-concrete interfacial properties influenced that behaviour. Durability was evaluated by measuring the effect of the fibres on unrestrained plastic shrinkage, and their ability to prevent shrinkage cracking when restraint is present. Results suggest that filament dispersion fibres can be used for early-age crack control, minibars can replace rebar in applications for which it is not vital, and further research is required on bundle dispersion fibres to enhance their effect on post-cracking behaviour.