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Andrews, David


Anthropometrics, Biomechancis, DXA, Prediction, Tissue Mass, Wobbling Mass

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Wobbling mass (WM), fat mass (FM), lean mass (LM) and bone mineral content (BMC) for the head, neck, trunk and pelvis were predicted using anthropometric measures in stepwise linear regression analyses. Reference tissue masses from 101 (51 M, 50 F) adults (35 to 65 years of age), were collected via Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry. Data from 76 participants were used to generate the equations; data from an independent sample of 25 participants were used to assess equation validity. Adjusted R2 values for the equations ranged from 0.326 (Head BMC) to 0.949 (Trunk WM) and mean percent errors between actual and predicted masses ranged from -2.63% (Trunk LM) to 6.08% (Trunk FM). These positive results are comparable to equations previously developed for the extremities. Having tissue mass prediction equations for all body segments of living people will help to improve biomechanical model fidelity, and evaluations of human movements involving impacts.