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Master Thesis

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Dragana Martinovic


effective leadership, New principals preparation, pre-service program, Principalship, principals’ training



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The preparedness of principals has received much attention in recent years. Many countries require that school leaders complete preparation programs offered by school boards, or colleges. Do these programs, however, truly prepare novice principals to be effective school leaders? Do new principals receive adequate preparation to meet real-life school challenges? This comparative study explored the differences and similarities between principal preparation programs in Saudi Arabia and Ontario, Canada, and examined the effectiveness of these programs, as perceived by the new principals, in preparing them for this position. In addition, it inspected if these programs implement the recommendations of the field of research regarding the skills the principals need (e.g., technologically proficient and having political skills)? This study also explored the possibility of establishing an exemplary program by combining aspects of the two different program approaches. By taking what is best from both models, such a program could be effective and dynamic, and mitigate the shortcomings of the existing programs.