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Master Thesis

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Zhou, George


canada; children; Chineses Immigrant parens; excessive-caring; music education; qualitative study



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Music training has become a popular subject within out-of-school academic learning in most Asian families. After immigrating to Canada, Chinese parents often maintain their enthusiasm for music education and put their children in music activities. It is imperative to investigate these parents’ needs and expectations regarding their children’s education and examine how these expectations shape the educational experiences of their children. The purpose of the current research is to examine the perceptions of Chinese immigrant parents and children in regards to private music education, and how those perspectives drive their behaviors. Data were collected through one-on-one interviews. The research findings indicate some fundamental issues influence the relationship between the parents and children during the music education. The study also got into the discussion of what an ideal parent-children relation look like and how the parents could help children to reach their music goal successfully.