Date of Award


Publication Type

Master Thesis

Degree Name



Computer Science


Wu, Dan




In real train collision test, the test train cabin is required to be propelled on a straight rail, accelerated to a certain velocity, released at a calculated location and nally crash into a barrier with a desired crash velocity, in order to observe the safety performance. Recently, a Real Time Predictive Speed Analysis (RTPSA) method was developed to simulate the whole collision test behavior and calculates the released velocity and location. However, in this method, the train has to be released at the exact calculated velocity when the train is still in acceleration which is very di cult in real test. Moreover, the RTPSA method does not provide a warning mechanism in case the test has to be aborted. In this thesis, two improvements of the RTPSA method are proposed. One is employing the PI controller to force the train operating with an uniform velocity before release, in order to reduce the di culty of release in real test. The other one is early safety warning which provide upper bound of velocity, before the test, indicating the last chances to abort the test with least losses in di erent conditions.