Date of Award


Publication Type

Master Thesis

Degree Name



Electrical and Computer Engineering

First Advisor

Erfani, Shervin


Architecture and Layers, Internet of Things, Security and Management, Threats and Attacks




The expansion of Internet connected automation provides a number of opportunities and applications that were not imaginable before. A prominent example is the Internet of things (IoT). IoT is a network system that consists of many wired or wireless smart sensors and applications. The development of IoT has been taking decades. However, cyberattacks threat the IoT since the day it was born; different threats and attacks may cause serious disasters to the network system without the essential security protection. Thus, the security and the management of the IoT security system become quite significant. This research work into security management of IoT involves five sections. We first point out the conception and background of the IoT. Then, the security requirements for the IoT have been discussed intensively. Next a proposed layered-security management architecture has been outlined and described. An example of how conveniently this proposed architecture can be used to come up with the security management for a network of the IoT is explained in detail. Finally, summarise the results of implementing the proposed security functions architecture to obtain the efficient and strong security in an IoT environment.