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Master Thesis

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Canada, China, EFL, EFL Teacher, Language Immersion, Second Language Acquisition


Xu, Shijing




The objective of this international case study is to explore the beliefs and practices of two Chinese English as a Foreign Language (EFL) teachers and two Chinese pre-service teachers of English teaching within the EFL program in China. Working in partnership with the Reciprocal Learning Program, part of the SSHRC Partnership Grant Project, the study was able to conduct research at Southwest University in Chongqing, China. Through a qualitative case study framework, the study has implemented a narrative inquiry methodology using observations, interviews, and a document analysis as the primary data collection methods. Observations in two Southwestern Chinese EFL school classrooms were conducted in order to gauge the teaching practice and implementation of bilingual education and language immersion within the classroom. Interviews were conducted with each of the Chinese EFL school teachers and university pre-service teacher candidates in order to capture their teaching beliefs, lived experiences, thoughts, and stories within their lives and the English language learning program. A document analysis was conducted for EFL teaching materials and resources in order to gauge their support of the EFL learning environment. The findings of the study provide insight into the fundamental objectives of the Chinese English as a Foreign Language program, developing English teacher pedagogy, and international language teaching practices. The particular study supports future international education implementing cross-cultural learning where both Canada and China may learn cooperatively together.