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Master Thesis

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Zhang, Zuochen


educational system, ICT, Ministry of Education, students’ learning, technology




The incorporation of technology in education may provide students with new learning opportunities as well as improve the educational standards of a country (Alharbi, 2012). Technology has modified the role of traditional teachers, particularly in how information is transferred by teachers to students. Technology provides students with a means to be engaged learners, as opposed to passive recipients of information (Albrkhil, 2013). Technological disparities are widely experienced in public schools in Saudi Arabia. Generally, Saudi Arabian public schools face various difficulties: they often lack sufficient learning materials and current levels of communication between the Ministry of Education and public schools are insufficient (Albugami & Ahmed, 2015). The Ministry of Education has both encouraged and invested in the use of information and communications technology (ICT) in schools; however, to date the Ministry still has deficiency in implementing ICT (Aljuaid, 2016). This research explores the reasons behind this discrepancy and examine whether or not or to what degree the Ministry of Education has plans to develop the use of ICT in public schools. The study also assesses the relationship between the principals of public schools and the Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia.