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Master Thesis

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Kane, Deborah


breastfeeding, determinants of health, education, newborn, obstetrician, prenatal




The literature has reported great benefits of breastfeeding for both the mother and newborn. In light of the low numbers of women breastfeeding in Ontario, even fewer women attending prenatal classes, and limited amount of cost free prenatal classes available, a need was identified to consider alternate modes of prenatal breastfeeding education. The purpose of this thesis was to explore the effects of providing self-directed study materials in the forms of breastfeeding education videos, smartphone applications, and reading materials to prenatal women during their third trimester appointments in the obstetrician’s waiting room. The idea of presenting innovative modes of prenatal breastfeeding education in the obstetrician’s waiting room was brought about to introduce the breastfeeding topic to women who were unfamiliar with breastfeeding, enhance the learning experiences women may have already had in prenatal classes, and help to stimulate breastfeeding conversations with their nurses and obstetricians. This study found the support of a significant other was significantly related to breastfeeding intention. Also, introducing the prenatal education resources in the obstetrician’s waiting room, significantly increased breastfeeding attitudes and knowledge among the participant group. Introducing prenatal breastfeeding education in the obstetrician’s waiting room can potentially increase breastfeeding rates within Windsor-Essex County, which can in turn, improve the condition of maternal and newborn health within the community.